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No one really understands you...

... but we sure do!

...Yeah, no one gets us.
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Brought To You By:
Ashley (Rainy_Luna)

Jill (intimidat3d)

Welcome! (-snickers-) (January 10th, 2004)

You may be one of those people who has the craziest of friends, the zaniest of experiences, and the most INSANE inside jokes EVER - the only problem is, none of your other friends really understands these psychotic times of hysterical laughter, right? Most of them seem to love to respond with "... Okay then, ____, ... whatever... I guess you had to be there."

Well, no worries.

We understand the situation PERFECTLY.

If you ache to rant in your own breathlessness about some of those indescribably funny phenomenons that makes your folks and friends think you're completely off your rocker, we're here to listen! AND laugh with you!

(Rainy_Luna) and I (intimidat3d) have had countless moments of histeria in the last FOUR (yes, ONLY FOUR (dundunDUN)) monthes that we have known eachother, and we know that you do too, whether your insane moments are old, new, or forever-known! People of all ages that have at least SOME humor in them, we find have to either have at least ONE inside joke between a few friends, or just a funny memory that people claim was probably more funny at the time or that you had to be there!

The original idea of this community came to Ash today and I couldn't help but agree that it was one of the dandiest ideas I've ever heard of! Why not share the insanity, yes?
This way, everyone wins; when you need to be cheered up, and you're one of those people who's moments are misunderstood, whether they're rude, "stupid" (as the not-funnies put it), or "immature", come here, and feel the cheer (cheesey rhymes and puns!(echo echo echo))!
Peace! ^~
- Jill
(AND ASH of course)


None! Gasp. Well, we are NEW, aren't we?

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