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( Jill/Ash: Bang on the door; They'll let us in! Some 11er Dude with… - No one really understands you... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
...Yeah, no one gets us.

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[Jan. 12th, 2005|04:13 pm]
...Yeah, no one gets us.


[mood |sicksick]
[music |NIN - "closer"]

(Jill/Ash: Bang on the door; They'll let us in!
Some 11er Dude with a hood: *Starts MADLY banging on the door*
11er chick: *swings door open* Why the hell are you banging on the door for?! -To Jill, Kenji, Gayland, Chace, Curtis and I; the 9ers- Don't bang on the fucking doors! Or peak through the walls!
Jill: It wasn't us! It was *points at the 11er* that guy! The guy with the hood!
11er chick: Like hell it was! The door's locked; we're not letting you in! So don't bang on the fucking door!
All 9ers present(us): *shaking, red faced--trying not to laugh at her*
11er chick: Y'know- banging on the walls and looking through the walls is whats gonna bring the walls down! (The walls are like..wobbly and paperish and moveable) *Bangs on window beside her* These walls ain't sturdy! You're gonna make 'em fall! Y'know who's gonna have to pay for them when they do?! THE ART STUDENTS! So fuck off! Your all a disgrace! *about to slam door shut but lets Dragan in* *Slams door shut..Hard and loud*
Jill: *bursts out laughing* Imagine... Imagine if.. if... when she slammed the door shut.. The wall fell right over on her...XDDD
All of us: *Howling in laughter* )

KENJI. LMFAO. KENJI WAS CRYING! I WAS CRYING! I THINK MOST OF US WERE! Oh my God, we were on the floor, and my stomach was hurting from laughing too hard. I started laughing again in science also because of Hinata in the Naruto episodes going "Cooking?! I CANT COOK! I HAVE TWO LEFT FEET!" mixed with the wall incident. XD